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New to Background Checks? It’s Easier Than You May Think.

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “Okay, I am working the bean counters to establish a budget for background checks.” Ann: “That’s great! (Rinses coffee cup in office sink, decides the stains are permanent). Are you ready for more information?” Customer (takes a long swallow of California Coffee): “I’m curious. Is the…

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New to Background Checks? What to Ask for and Why.

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “I just bought a California Coffee franchise! I have 14 restaurants in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas!” Ann [wonders how their coffee is and why there isn’t one in California]: “That’s great! You are (ahem) background checking your workers?” Customer [wonders if Ann dreams about…

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Background Checks Are Not Universal – Are You Keeping What Matters Safe?

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “So, uh, what’s new with you? How’s the spousal unit and the kids?” Ann: [Tries to remember if spouse got enough coffee that morning]. “I’m glad you asked! My daughter (28 years old) is touring southeast Asia.” Customer: “How are you going to work that into…

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“I was innocent and I can prove it – if you don’t look too closely”

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “You think you’re so smart.” Ann: [Thinks about all stuff she doesn’t know. Feels dizzy and sits down]. “What do you mean? Like I can drive a stick shift?.” Customer: “Do you ever get anything wrong?” Ann: [Takes glasses off and rubs her eyes]. “Do you…

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The Seven Year Rule – When and How it Applies

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “Christmas is over, New Year’s is over, the Super Bowl is over and there’s nothing fun to do.” Ann [loves fun almost as much as background checks]: “Well, don’t be so glum, chum. I can tell you a really fun background check story!” Customer [wonders if…

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Ban-the-Box: What’s New This Year in Background Checks


[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “Okay, got it. Forms are up to date. Check. Keep an eye on rapidly-changing marijuana laws. Check. Follow the FCRA or risk a class action lawsuit. Check. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE?” Customer turns purple. Ann: (Fights urge to point out that she doesn’t make the rules,…

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Top Stories from 2019 in the World of Background Screening

,[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “Okay, I’ve reviewed all my forms and policies. AGAIN.” Ann (swills down piping hot coffee): “That didn’t take long!” Customer (chomps down on donut): “So that’s all hunky-dory, but is there anything new I need to know?” Ann (puts cup down on coaster “Not my circus,…

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Happy New Year! Let’s Review Your Background Check Policies

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “Ya know, last year you had me review ALL my hiring and background check policies and forms to be compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and these pesky state laws to which I am beholden.” Ann: (rolls eyes, here it comes): “And you’re REALLY glad…

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