Driver “sonic Solutions Dla” Blocked Due To Compatibility Issues

Once you do so, the command will start executing to locate the corrupted system file. If found, the command will repair/replace corrupted registry files with new versions.

These unwanted files accumulate over time, clog your computer and reduce its performance. Thus, you have to clean the unnecessary junks that can slow your device.

  • That’s why its extremely important to keep the Registry in top form.
  • Unfortunately, if the Windows Registry is corrupted beyond repair and you don’t have a backup ready, your only option is to consider resetting Windows 10.
  • If the utility finds a damaged system file, it will try to repair it.

If you continue to receive this error code, try updating the driver. If the device does not work correctly, try removing the device from Device Manager and restarting the computer to reinstall/reinitialize the device. Try removing the device from Device Manager and restart the computer to reinstall/reinitialize the device. A disabled device is a device that is physically present in the system, consuming resources, but does not have a protected-mode driver loaded. Button is dimmed and cannot be selected 0xC000007B fix, the driver has not been updated and cannot be rolled back. The Driver tab provides details about the driver and enables you to update, roll back, disable, or uninstall a driver. OP, CCleaner works fine, even the registry cleaner .

Using Windows Startup Repair

To use WMI to get event log data from remote machines, you must ensure that your network and Splunk Enterprise instances are properly configured. Do not install Splunk software as the Local System user.

Will Resetting Pc Fix Corrupted Files?

Numerous background processes run in the background, unbeknownst to you. So, if File Explorer keeps crashing in Windows 11, these background processes might be interfering with your OS, be it due to a corruption error or a glitch.

Drivers are needed to handle components that don’t natively come with Windows 10 compatibility such as graphic cards, network cards, and so on. If a driver related to this issue hasn’t been updated in a while, it can cause issues with Windows Update. 404 Tech Support documents solutions to IT problems, shares worthwhile software and websites, and reviews hardware, consumer electronics, and technology-related books.