“Ban-the-Box” Law Comes to New Mexico

On April 3, 2019, Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham signed the “Criminal Offender Employment Act” into law. What this law means: New Mexico is the latest state to adopt statewide legislation prohibiting private employers from making inquiries into an applicant’s criminal history on the initial employment application. The state also enacted legislation prohibiting employers from asking applicants…

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FRCA Procedures – How to Handle the Background Check Results

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer (proudly): “I have correct paperwork to start the background check! Everything is peach-dory!” Ann: “That’s great! What are you going to do if you get information back that would keep you from hiring your applicant?” Customer: “I sense a trap.” Ann: “Well, not a trap. But there is…

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FCRA Procedures – what you need to know to be compliant

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer (whining): “You want too much paperwork.” Ann: “While I do have a black belt in paperwork [it’s true—look it up], it’s not me that requires the paperwork. It’s the Federal Trade Commission, they wrote the Fair Credit Reporting Act which governs Consumer Reporting Agencies like Cutting Edge Background…

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Short-term or long-term – protect yourself, your company, your customers and your staff

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “I hear that you think it’s the “Season” again. It’s only May. Take that ridiculous Santa hat off. I know you’re wearing it.” Ann (slips Santa hat into desk drawer): “It IS the season. Seasonal hiring. All the rec centers, yard crews, lifeguards by the. . .by the…

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Are you covering your assets?

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “I keep my valuables locked, I’m not worried about anything walking off.  I believe I have protected my assets sufficiently and don’t need background checks.” Ann (browses email): “That’s great!  But have you considered that your assets are more than brick and mortar or more than…

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How to Avoid Juries and Headlines

[Phone Rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Prospective Customer: “I got lawyers and insurance agents yacking about how my employees could be a huge liability.” Ann (flips on computer): “That’s true.” Customer: “How can I be responsible for something they did?” Ann (plugs in superwide monitor): “The buck has to stop somewhere, and if…

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How to Get a Better Workforce in 1 Simple Step

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Prospective Customer: “I’ve noticed a lot of things going missing around the shop.  Plus, tools, and petty cash are missing from the desk.” Ann (pours coffee): “Mmmhmmmmm.” Customer: “And then I got some people that come in late, or not at all.” Ann (drinks coffee from disgracefully…

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