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When you have open positions to fill, chances are your team is already overworked and conducting thorough employment verifications take time that you may not have. You might be tempted to hire the candidate that your team “clicked” with, but doing so can put you and your company at risk, not to mention waste invaluable time when you have to fire your new employee and hire a replacement employee.

Unfortunately, people lie—about dates of employment, the position they held, why they left that job. Even worse, there are actually websites that sell fake credentials to job applicants with promises to help the “disadvantaged job applicant” with gaps in their resumes, bad job references and too many part-time jobs. The company website even proudly boats that they are “the Internet’s only site committed to the development truly customized, fake job references.”

At Cutting Edge Background Investigations, we do the research you need to make sure you have accurate and reliable information you need to better understand if you truly have the right candidate for your company.

Cutting Edge Background Investigations will verify dates of employment and title/position for the applicant. This information confirms your applicant’s resume/application and verifies their previous employment history. Cutting Edge Background Investigations’ Verifications Department contacts the applicant’s past employer and asks to speak with someone who is authorized to give out employment history—such as the Human Resources Department, the applicant’s former Supervisor, or the company’s Office Manager. For employment verifications, at a minimum, one solid attempt is made per day for five days to contact the applicant’s past employer.

Employment verifications serve several vital functions:

  • Allow you to hire based on fact—not instinct
  • Indicate where else to look for criminal records
  • Eliminate employment gaps. There are good reasons for employment gaps—education, job searches, family duties. Or a gap in employment may mean that there is an employer the applicant doesn’t want you to know about. Applicants may stretch dates to cover a job in which they had poor performance. Solid employment verifications will show you where the gaps are, so you can ask the questions you need to.
  • Allow you to demonstrate, if you should ever need to, due diligence.

Employment verifications not only provide valuable information, but can be a protector of your company if you ever need to prove you did everything you could to know who you were hiring. You can’t always be perfect, but if something goes really wrong, it’s good to be able show that you did everything you could.

Cutting Edge Background Investigations can handle all of your employment verification needs in a quick and reliable manner, allowing you to focus on running your business. With our team conducting employment verifications for you, you can rest assured that you are getting accurate and reliable information on all your candidates.

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