Fraudulent Education Credentials: Tales from the Front Lines

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “I’ve enjoyed tripping down the ivy halls with you this past month.” Ann (thinks fondly back on her salad days): “Thanks! I hope you start doing education verifications.” Customer: “We will. . .I can’t believe I mighta gotten took. Tell me I’m not alone.” Ann (tilts head like…

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Diploma Mills for Fun and Profit

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “I have a great applicant. They got a master’s degree from Whitehall Accordia University.” Ann (never heard of Whitehall Accordia and after 23 years in the business I’ve heard of most of them): “I’d verify that, just to be sure.” Customer: “I already did. I called the registrar…

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Beware of Applicants delivering their own credentials

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “It seems like a lot of trouble to verify education. I’m just going to have applicants bring in their diploma or transcript.” Ann (been down this road): “Mmmmmm hmmmmmm. Ever heard of Adobe? Or cut-and-paste?” Customer: “You are really suspicious.” Ann (wonders why the mail is late. Could…

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Higher Education or Just a Diploma Mill? Best Practices for Education Verification

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “All the little darlings are headed back to school. So, I was wondering. What are the odds that someone didn’t graduate or get the degree they say they did?” Ann (who has a black belt in Google Fu): “Would you believe that, according to Glassdoor, 28% of resumes…

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Speed can literally kill. Why you need to check driving records.

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer (sounding cheeky): “I get that in July your blogs are all about speed.” Ann (looks at her well-worn track shoes she wears to zip around the office): “Everyone wants their background checks quickly. In today’s market, you can lose a great candidate if your background screening company isn’t…

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Answering On the First Ring – Why it Matters to Us

Ann (sounding chipper): “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “You always answer on the first ring.” Ann: “Well, Steven if something is important enough for you to call me I need to be at your disposal.” Customer: “And you’re always so nice.” Ann (wonders if he knows she is originally from Minnesota): “I love what…

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What’s the Hold Up? Why Some Records Take Time.

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer (growls): “Where’s the results on Danny O’Toole?” Ann (gulps coffee as though her life depended on it): “Let me take a look” (opens database). “We are waiting for the results of searches in San Diego.” Customer: “That’s dumb. San Diego is big Metropolitan City. Why don’t you just…

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Instant and Cheap Aren’t Always the Best Options

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “I have got the BEST DEAL EVER on background checks. It’s the Nationwide Super Search.” Ann (flips through mail): “Mmmm-hmmmmm. Is it cheap?” Customer: “Way cheaper than those court searches you’re so fond of. It’s like pocket change. I can still buy donuts and not miss…

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