Driver’s License Verification

Driver license verification and motor vehicle records are a critical element to review when hiring an employee who will be driving a company vehicle, operating machinery, entertaining clients, or simply running errands for the company. If your employee may ever be required to drive on behalf of the company, it is important to conduct a driver license verification upfront rather than be surprised to find out that the employee you trusted to run the office errands (and struck a pedestrian) doesn’t have a valid driver’s license.

At Cutting Edge Background Investigations, we believe in doing what you can to avoid risk and liability issues with your employee. In cases that involve employees that drive on behalf of the company, information is critical to help prevent accidents that can financially drain your company.

We conduct thorough reviews of applicants’ driving records to confirm your candidate has a valid driver’s license and ensure your compliance with the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Motor Vehicle Record information is obtained directly from each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and provides driving history subject to the reporting laws of each individual state.

Motor Vehicle Record reports provide information on:

  • Current status of the driver’s license
  • License type and class
  • Driving violation/citation history
  • DUIs
  • Car accident history
  • Suspension or revocation information
  • License restrictions
  • Expiration date

Employers may be legally responsible for employees who drive for business purposes and may fall under regulated agencies that imposed specific requirements in the screening of drivers. Cutting Edge Background Investigations helps employers to manage their risk and compliance with driving records under the law in all 50 states and around the world. All fifty states are available, and most records requests are completed in a paperless process.

Learn more about how Cutting Edge Background Investigations can reduce your liability by conducting motor vehicle and driver’s license verifications.
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