Provide a Safer Work Space

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “I’m seeing a lot of statistics on work place violence. Geez, I hate the idea of being a statistic. What can background checks do for me?” Ann: “I wouldn’t want to be just a number either. Isn’t there a song like that? I digress.” Workplace violence…

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Decrease Turnover and Avoid Firing

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “You seem to think that performing pre-employment background checks will give me a better workforce.  That it will decrease turnover and I won’t have to give a few folks the old heave-ho.” Ann: [Nods head aggressively]. “I do believe that.” Customer: “So, in this case, instead…

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Hiring the Wrong Person is Expensive

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “Why are you SO concerned over hiring the wrong person? What’s the worst that can happen?” Ann: “Did you REALLY ask me, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ Pull up a chair buddy, get comfortable. I’ll lay it out for you.” [runs to get coffee] First,…

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For the New Year: Are Your Forms Up to Date?

[Phone rings] Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.” Customer: “You keep yammering on about the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and how everything needs to compliant. And how my forms need to be up-to-date. My background screener is compliant, it says so on their website.” Ann:[Fights urge to point out that not everything on the Internet…

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Hiring employees in today’s world can be challenging in many ways. With these simple tips and guidelines, you can learn how to avoid toxic workers in a #MeToo, High-Tech, Active Shooter, Headlines, Juries and Ban the Box world.