Credential Verification

When you are in need of an experienced and licensed employee, credential verification is critical. If you run a medical or professional facility, you need to make sure you are actually hiring licensed individuals and not someone who attended school for a couple of semesters, but never completed his/her education. Hiring someone that does not have the experience and credentials you require can put you, your company, and your clients at risk – seriously increasing your liability.

Cutting Edge Background Investigations has extensive experience in gathering the information needed to verify that your employment candidates are providing accurate information so that you know your employees have the proper credentials that you are looking for.

Credential Verifications include:

  • Education Verification

    Education verifications can make or break your business. Education is increasingly vital in today’s business world and education claims are where we see the most fraud. High-profile incidences in companies ranging from Veritas to Yahoo to Bausch and Lomb have had C-Suite executives that lied about their education. Failing to verify important information can at a minimum affect your company’s ability to compete and potentially cause major losses in stock prices. With this search, Cutting Edge Background Investigations will validate schools attended, diplomas, degrees, certificates and dates of attendance.

    It is also important to authenticate the school, as diploma mills are a billion-dollar business. Cutting Edge Background Investigations has the tools to verify that not only is the school accredited, but that the accrediting body is accredited through one of only two bodies empowered to do so: the Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. In education verifications, we see not only fraudulent schools, but fraudulent accrediting associations.

    The team at Cutting Edge Background Investigations has seen many diploma mill documents (one of our team members got her dog a bachelor’s degree from such an institution), and diplomas can be easily manipulated with the use of photoshopping software. Education verification is too important to forgo, or just take the applicant’s word for. For education verifications, Cutting Edge Background Investigations will go to the source for you.

  • Professional License Verification

    You may be astonished, but if you don’t check—you don’t know. Is your doctor licensed? The nurse? Your CPA? The responsibility for verifying what your applicants claim lies squarely on the employer, whether you are hiring a CPA or a nurse. The employer has the right, responsibility and duty under the law, to verify an employee has all current licenses and are in good standing. These licenses include any type of License or credential issued by a state licensing board. License verification verifies the applicant’s license number, the date received, the expiration date, and if it’s in good standing.

    Learn how our credential verification tools can give you confidence when hiring new employees.
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