The Future of Pre-Employment Background Checks

Client: You got a crystal ball?

Ann: No, but I have a lucky rabbit’s foot.

Client: Yeah, I’ve always heard it’s better to be lucky than good.

Ann: So, what do you need the crystal ball for?

Client: Covid, economic recovery and I wonder what’s for dinner. . .

Ann (rubbing her rabbit foot): Let me see…

COVID-19 is still a major force in the way we recruit, hire, and work together. It also killed more than 606,000 people in the United States. Looking into my crystal ball, I see it has changed some things forever.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Unemployment rate (June 2021): 5.9%
  • Job openings (May 2021): 9.2 million
  • Employee voluntary quit level (May 2021): 3.6 million

Many of Cutting Edge’s clients are still performing at least some recruiting functions remotely—even with the United States opening up with 47.6% of the population fully vaccinated. 

Interviews are still done via zoom, and applications are completed online for businesses that had never done remote hiring before.

Offices are opening back up but be sure to be aware of employees who are anxious or ambivalent about returning to work. If you can, check that “pulse” of your employees, anonymously if possible. It’s uncharted territory for all of us. 

Personally, I love my office and am glad to be back. I’m more efficient and focused in that environment. I also appreciate the freedom of working from home and running a load of laundry while I check my email. Some experts advise being flexible, where at all possible.

If you’ve been holding onto your rabbit’s foot, here’s the good news as things pick back up


  • While a lot of things have returned to normal in the world of background screening. We still see a handful of courts that are recovering and still plowing through an enormous backlog of searches. 

Employment verifications: 

  • Most businesses are back in full swing, and we aren’t seeing many COVID-related delays.

Education verifications: 

  • Again, most schools are back in session and we aren’t seeing much in the way of COVID-related delays (just the usual summer slow down because registrars aren’t in the office).

In the end, you may not know what you’re having for dinner. 

What we do know for certain: Cutting Edge will be sure to get you get the best service, price and information in your pre-employment background checks. And you don’t need a crystal ball to tell you that!

Call us today (760) 423-6408. We’ll pick up on the first ring.