Social Security Number Look up

A social security number look up or social security number trace can provide a multitude of information – mainly that an applicant is who they say they are. We like to anticipate that there won’t be any surprises when we run a social security number trace, but when we do, it is usually an indicator that there are more (often serious) issues to be uncovered.

A social security number is the key piece of information that provides the foundation for other background checks. A social security number lookup helps us do our jobs more seamlessly, more completely, and more definitively. Cutting Edge Background Investigations’ social security number look up and trace uses a private sector database compiled from hundreds of sources that include credit headers, U.S. Postal Service address forwarding, utility bill records, and voter registration records. The social security number look up and trace checks the provided social security number for names and addresses that have been used in conjunction with a given social security number.

A Social Security Number Search Provides:

  • Up to 10 years of address history
  • Address information to determine jurisdictions to search for criminal convictions
  • Aliases and former names
  • Information on nicknames and potential misspellings
  • Information on government-issued identification in many non-U.S countries

On numbers issued before social security number randomization, this search also returns the year and state of issue, if the social security number is a validly issued number and conducts a scan of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Death Master Index File of deceased persons.

The Social Security Administration implemented randomization methodology on June 25, 2011. Social Security Numbers issued from that date forward have no correlation to state or date of issue. As a result, when a social security number look up and trace is run on those numbers no state or date of issue data can be provided.

Learn more about how social security number lookups and traces can help you gather the information you need to hire the right candidates, right now.
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