Answering On the First Ring – Why it Matters to Us

Ann (sounding chipper): “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer: “You always answer on the first ring.”

Ann: “Well, Steven if something is important enough for you to call me I need to be at your disposal.”

Customer: “And you’re always so nice.”

Ann (wonders if he knows she is originally from Minnesota): “I love what I do.”

Customer (snorts): “That’s cheesy.”

Ann (shrugs): “Maybe. But it’s true. What can I do for you? How’s the weather in Illinois?”

I have worked with a lot of vendors in the background screening business. I’ve been at it since 1996.

You know who keeps my business? Those vendors that answer on the first ring or respond to my emails within an hour.

There are a lot of background check businesses in this country. At the last NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) Conference, I think they said between 600-700.

So. You have a question about the results. . . Or you have a question about the quote from the employer. Or you don’t understand the driving record.

I pick up the phone on the first ring. And if by chance I don’t get to it on the first ring, my staff does. We are all in it for our customers. Customer service is no place to play “hard to get.”

I have won business simply being the company that answered the phone. Or called back. Or listened. Such a simple thing. And so important. Go ahead. Try it now. (714) 587-9166.