Why have a Professional Background Investigator do your Background Checks?

[Phone rings]
Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”
Customer: “You’re elbow-deep in Valentine’s chocolates, aren’t you?”
Ann (looks around her office, startled): “Yes, but they’re organic.”
Customer: “I got a buddy in the day-glow light stick manufacturing business. He says he does his background checks ‘in-house.’”
Ann (peels back the foil wrapper on the chocolate heart): “And you want me to tell why that’s a bad idea, huh?”
Customer: “Yup.”

Here are the top 6 reasons why you want a professional background screener to do your background checks.

1. SSN Traces
Most businesses do not have access to this, and even fewer can interpret them with the ferocity of a trained background screener. It tells us:
a. Aliases (we search by names and birth dates, aliases are important)
b. Confirms the birth date (birth dates confirm identity most of the time)
c. Traces give us address information.
Your applicant might live in Long Beach, California now, but they may have moved through Minneapolis and Houston in             the last seven years to get there. It is important to know those jurisdictions to search there for criminal records.

2. Criminal Record Access
There are literally hundreds of courts across the country. Some we have online subscription access to and can conduct our research remotely. Others require a person to go to the court and conduct the searches. If you know your applicant is from San Diego, and your company is in Texas, it can be tricky to find that searcher who will walk into the San Diego court and request the records. Your professional background screening company does this all day long and has the network of searchers to do this economically and efficiently.

3. Driving Records
You can look at your applicant’s license. But that physical license is no guarantee that the license is valid. Driver’s licenses can be suspended or revoked for any number of things, from infractions to unpaid child support. The way to really know if the license is valid? Have your background screener run the record.

4. Employment verifications
Long gone are the days when you could call HR and verify employment dates and positions. Now, more than half of the country’s employers use some form of a third-party verifier like The Work Number, CCC Verify, Thomas and Company, InVerify and half a dozen more. Your background screener (well, this background screener) has accounts set up with all of them and can pull those records at a moment’s notice.

5. Education Verifications
Like employment verifications, most schools (including high schools) across the country use third-party verifiers like Parchment, DegreeVerify, DiplomaSender, ScribOrder, etc. We already have the accounts set up and fly through the ordering process.

6) Background checks are all we do!
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, pre-employment background investigations are all we do, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. We are proficient in knowing the requirements of the FCRA and state and local laws regarding PII (Personally Identifiable Information), Authorizations, Disclosures, Pre- and Post-Adverse Actions.

While a company that conducts its own background checks may not be held to these standards,
our best advice is to act as though you are to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

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