3 Things You Can Do to Simplify Your Hiring Process

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer: “You’re drinking a pumpkin-spiced latte, aren’t you?” 

Ann (defensively): “Yes, but it was made with almond milk.”

Customer: “I’m looking for ways to simplify the background screening process. But then I wonder, is simple the same as efficient? Is efficient the same as fast?”

Ann (takes a long swig of her latte): “The devil is definitely in the details. I am trying hard not to write a blog that could be entitled, How to make your background screener’s life easier.


Based on years of experience with working with businesses,

There are three areas that help employers simplify their screening processes most:

    1. Application – ensuring it’s complete
    2. Order all background screening elements at once
    3. Use a screener with a robust web-based system that offers electronic Disclosures and Authorizations

As I mentioned, the details are what make the difference, so let’s dive in.


Have an application completed with all necessary information. Don’t let ANYONE—not even your mother—write “see resume.”

Getting all the information you need upfront is crucial and time-saving.


    1. Name of employer (company)
    2. Dates of employment
    3. Position held
    4. Geographical location of employer (city and state would do nicely)
    5. Phone number for company 
    6. Complete names of references (First and Last ones ideally, this past week an applicant listed: Joseph, Miguel and Dave)
    7. Phone numbers and email addresses for references
    8. Degree earned (i.e., Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma, GED)
    9. School and location (again, cities and states here for those in the back)
    10. Name under which the applicant earned the degree
    11. The year the degree was awarded

It may sound like a lot of time invested to review the application, but it’s more work to go back to the applicants to have those blanks filled in. (Ann sounds like your Dad, “Do it right the first time. . .”)


Order all parts of the background check at one time (aka: Get Your Ducks in Row)


 Before you log in, be sure you have everything you need. 

 – Do you need three years of employment verified? Be sure you have that info. 

 – Do you have to have two references? Try to give your screener three references, each with an accurate: 

 – daytime phone number 

 – evening phone number 

 – email address

If you can, use one screening firm for everything: 

 – Employment verifications, references, criminals, everything! 

 – It means one login, one time entering the applicant’s name, SSN, DOB, etc. 

 – The bonus is the report will come back in one piece, and not several little pieces!

 If you do find it beneficial to work with multiple screening firms (one firm to verify references and another firm run the criminal searches): 

 – Order all the employment verification checks or reference checks at one time. It expends a lot of time (relatively speaking) to add another search, logging in to another system, etc.

I promise you too, it interferes with the efficiency of your background screeners if they have to jump around their system to see where the Authorization forms were hidden, what was done before, who’s on first (see above: “get your ducks in a row.”)


Choose a background screener with these two attributes:

  1. Web-Based System
  2. Electronic Disclosures and Authorizations

Take advantage of the fact that we live in the. . .21st century. Let the IT/AI and all the other acronyms do their magic. 

These two attributes will make your life so much simpler. 

A web-based system:

 – Allows you to enter requests online—day or night.

 – Pick up results, check status—day or night

 – Archives your searches so you can go back and review them. 

 – Has the capacity to pull a variety of reports based on use, hits, etc.

Electronic disclosures and authorizations:

 – You can choose the elements of the background check, enter your applicant’s name and email address and off it goes. You are done entering information.

 – It produces the requisite Disclosure and Authorization forms for your applicant. You do not have to hand out and track reams of paper. 

 – The Authorizations are immediately available for your background screeners, you do not have to upload any forms. 

There you have it – three ways to simplify your screening process!

Want a background screener to help make this all simple? Call Cutting Edge Background Investigations and we will make your life easy. 

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