A Christmas Carol Background Check Blog – Part II: Ghost of Background Checks Present

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer:I can’t get that crazy dream out of my head where you were Marley and I was Scrooge and I was being sued for negligent hiring and had that crazy expensive attorney representing me.”

Ann: [pops chocolate out of Advent Calendar]. “Are you sure it was a dream?”

Customer [bites the head off a snowman-shaped cookie]: “Of course it was dream! I’ve been diligent in my pre-employment background checks. . .since I hired you. Oh boy. Is there where we go off and see my present background checks?”

Ann: [glances at the holiday movie list on Netflix]: “Yup.”

Scene: Customer is sitting in his office, performing employee reviews. That new guy, Tiny Tim is tearing it up in the accounting office. Client thinks he should be promoted to head of the department. Mr. Tim even has a BA in Finance from Harvard. And he has several years of experience as the Comptroller of a Fortune 500 company.

Customer [calls Mr. Tim into his office]: “Tiny! I think you are up for a promotion, and right before Christmas. I’d like to make you head of Accounting.”

Tiny: “That’s great! I have lots of experience AND the requisite education.”

Customer: “I’ll just have Cutting Edge Background verify your credentials and we can make that happen before the week is out.”

Tiny: “Uh, is that REALLY necessary? I’ve been here for two weeks, and I gave you a copy of my diploma from Harvard. Seems like you could save some money and trouble if you leave Cutting Edge out of it.”

The scene fades out as the customer mulls over whether it’s really necessary to spend the money and time to verify Mr. Tim’s experience and education.

The scene fades in. The customer is destitute. It turns out that Mr. Tim didn’t really understand accounting, but he did understand embezzlement and cooking the books. His previous employers may have told the client that, had he called or had Cutting Edge call them or Mr.Tim’s references. Mr. Tim never went to Harvard, and he never worked for the Fortune 500 company.

The Client wakes up with a start, in his own bed. He calls the head of Human Resources at his business. “We don’t have a Tiny Tim working here, do we?”

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