A Christmas Carol Background Check Blog – Part I: Ghost of Background Checks Past

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer [sounds shaken]: “I had a dream last night that you came to me, and you told me I was going to be visited by three ghosts. Background checks past, background checks present and background checks future. You said your name was “Marley,” and kept calling me “Scrooge.” I was sure you were just a piece undigested pudding or something, but here we are.”

Ann: [signs holiday card to beloved client]. “Could it be that you are concerned about background checks past? That you will be carrying the links and chains of the background screens you had done that may not have been as diligent as they could have been?”

Customer [wipes beads of sweat off brow]: “Is this the part where we visit my past?”

Ann: [turns up holiday jazz music]: “Yup.”

Scene: Client is sitting in his office, when a courier bursts through the door

Courier: ”Are you Frank Client? I have a subpoena for you.”

Customer (calling his attorney at $500/hour): “Why did I get a subpoena? It’s about the event when our former employee took a swing at our customer and broke his nose. It was at my store downtown. I didn’t do anything. They should be suing that no-count former employee of mine.”

Attorney ($500/hour meter running and jingle bells jingling): “I understand that’s the problem. You know about negligent hiring and negligent retention and weren’t diligent in your background screening procedures. They may have a case that will be (rubs hands together) very expensive to defend.”

Ann [returns client to his office]: “Next, you will be visited by the ghost of background checks present.”

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