Background Checks Are Not Universal – Are You Keeping What Matters Safe?

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer: “So, uh, what’s new with you? How’s the spousal unit and the kids?”

Ann: [Tries to remember if spouse got enough coffee that morning]. “I’m glad you asked! My daughter (28 years old) is touring southeast Asia.”

Customer: “How are you going to work that into a background vignette [a brief evocative description, account or episode]?”

Ann: [Takes a mouthful of hot coffee]. “I see someone got a dictionary for Christmas?”

My daughter is an amazing young woman who is taking six months (maybe a year) and checking out the world.

I spend all my days making sure my clients don’t hire people who aren’t a good fit, or worse—could be dangerous—in their businesses.

My daughter had an opportunity to take an overnight bus from one province to another, it sounds like a great deal. You sleep, they drive. Kind of like Greyhound.

A nice waiter in a restaurant told her not to—her bags could be stolen from the storage compartment under the van, the driver could be drunk, fall asleep, or worse. He told her “I travel all over, I won’t take the night bus.” She stayed in a hostel that night and rode the van the next morning.

It struck me that background checks are just necessary. And they don’t happen all over the world. And they certainly don’t happen the same way.

I was at the PBSA (Professional Background Screeners Association) conference last September. I attended one of the international sessions and had a couple interesting takeaways.

  1. Criminal records are not public for everyone. In Canada you need an Authorization.
  2. Criminal records are not even records In Mexico it can take years for a case to wend its way through the judicial system and may never see closure. There may, in the end, be no record to pull.

The PBSA is a worldwide organization and stores the best wisdom on background screening across the globe. As the world compresses, this need becomes even greater.

My daughter, by the way, is having a wonderful time in Thailand now, eating noodles and dumplings. I do my best to keep her safe there, and my clients and their employees safe here.

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