New to Background Checks? It’s Easier Than You May Think.

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer: “Okay, I am working the bean counters to establish a budget for background checks.”

Ann: “That’s great! (Rinses coffee cup in office sink, decides the stains are permanent). Are you ready for more information?”

Customer (takes a long swallow of California Coffee): “I’m curious. Is the web portal hard to use? Does it take weeks to get the information back? Are the records hard to figure out? What can I expect when I do a background check?”

Ann: [takes customer metaphysically by the hand]. “Your end, my friend, is easy. Let me show you.”

Those are all great questions.

Let’s discuss how simple it is to start screening your employees:

  1. How Does the Web Portal Work?. It’s easy—if you can order from Amazon, you can order from us. What we really need:
    1. Applicant’s name
    2. Applicant’s Social Security Number
    3. Applicant’s date of birth
    4. Applicant’s ZIP Code

Then, another 4-5 clicks of the mouse and the request goes to us and we get to work. Immediately. Reviewing the SSN trace, searching court records, reviewing the database results.


If you are hiring 50-200 people at a time, you can do a bulk entry by uploading an Excel Spreadsheet to our website. It’s easy, and fast.


  1. How long does it take? Usually less than 24 hours. Our processors get to work on your requests immediately. Once the criminal records are prepared, they go to a phase two where our quality assurance experts review the records, and the trace reports.


  1. Are the records hard to figure out? Not with us. The records clearly state the identifying information (your applicant’s name and date of birth), the court, the case number, and the date it was filed. Then you will see:
    1. Type: (Felony or misdemeanor)
    2. Offense: I.e., Driving Under the Influence
    3. Disposition: Guilty or No Contest
    4. Disposition Date
    5. Sentence: Formal probation 36 months, Committed to Custody Riverside County Sheriff 220 days, $3,710.00 fine and penalty assessment.

And if you aren’t quite clear on something, call. (714) 587-9166. We’re glad to review the case and findings with you.


  1. When do I get the results? When we are done with our work, you will get an email with a link to the report. If there are “hits”, it will be flagged, alerting you to that information.

If you have other questions about what to expect in background checks, give us a call at (714) 587-9166 or drop an email to Info@CEBackgroundChecks. You know we’d love to hear from you.