In the Restaurant Industry? How Background Checks Are Like Cheap Insurance.

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer: “Okay, so I’ve got the budget and I know what to expect when we do background checks [relishes the feeling of enlightenment].”

Ann: “I’m glad I could help!”

Customer: “But I still don’t think I need to screen the crew members.” [Ann feels the enlightenment drain out of him.]

Ann: “Well, think about this:”

Restaurants and fast food shops are unique in some ways compared with warehouses, construction companies, aerospace firms, etc.

Your employees interact maybe hundreds of times daily with customers, co-workers, money, other assets. . .

While it’s tempting to just do background checks on Assistant Managers and up, you must know that everyone you employ has the capacity to damage your business if you don’t know who you’re hiring.

Is that savings worth the risk of a multi-million-dollar lawsuit?

The employee with a history of domestic violence or battery might bring that to work in the form of an assault on a co-worker or a customer.

The employee with a history of petty theft might find the till, other assets or their co-worker’s lockers a little too easy to lift from.

You can expect more hits when you move to a background screening company from doing things “in house” or certainly not doing them at all.

But it’s all part of protecting your assets—your reputation, your customers, your employees, your assets. I had a client tell me a couple weeks ago, “This is just really cheap insurance.”

And should something untoward happen—like an assault on a customer—you have an eminently more defensible position in court if you can say: We did it right.

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