Five Things to Consider Regarding Background Checks

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer: “Okay, so I’ve got the budget, I know what to expect when we do background checks, and I am going to protect myself by doing it right—everybody gets screened.”

Ann [tops off her coffee]: “That’s great! You’ll have better employee morale, more longevity, a stronger workforce!”

Customer: “So, if you were to break this down. . .”

Ann: “Into a ten-point checklist?”

Customer: “Make it five, ten is a lot to remember.”

Ann: “Fair enough.”

Five Things to Consider Regarding Background Checks 

  1. If you are in the restaurant or fast food business, be aware that because your employees have great access to your customers, their co-workers, the cash in the till and other assets, your exposure is greater than most. Be diligent with your background checks. bodrum escort
  2. Having a solid background screening program will reduce your risk of liability in terms of assaults, theft and maintaining a sterling reputation in the community.
  3. Work with a background screening company with good references. Look for an up-to-date website with testimonials from the customers, like
  4. Determine if your choice of background screening is more than just the bottom dollar. Can you bulk upload large orders? Will you get accurate, timely reports that are easy to interpret?
  5. If you are new at this—can you get your questions answered quickly by phone or email?

Bonus points:

  1. Will I sleep better at night knowing that my background screening program is as robust as it ought to be? I’ll fill that one in for you: Yes. Yes, you will.


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