Don’t Strike Out – Hit Background Check Homeruns

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer: “Swing and a miss! Did I sound like Harry Caray?”

Ann: “Beg Pardon?” (puts down coffee cup).

Customer: “Is there a background screening equivalent of striking out?”

Ann (very pointedly): You know there is.

Customer: “Lay it on me!”

Ann: “We both need to get out more.”



Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Okay, I’m a private investigator-philosopher

Striking out means you have put your company at risk for negligent hiring, negligent retention. It means your employees, customers and assets are lacking the protection they need and deserve. Here are some incentives to hit background check homeruns and keep from striking out:

  • Background screening helps to create a safer, happier workplace.
    • Human beings present certain risks that are always present in the hiring process. You can mitigate these risks with appropriate background screening.


  • Organizations with background check programs attract higher quality employees over time.
    • Background screening can create a virtuous circle in which higher quality applicants are found and hired, thereby increasing the overall quality of the experience in the workplace. 


  • You can reduce the incidence of negligent hiring lawsuits with screening—and have a better defense if it is alleged.
    • Negligent hiring and retention lawsuits can be very expensive, damaging to reputation, and corrosive to workplace culture. Background screening helps reduce the chances that you will have to cope with adverse media or customer reactions due to negative employee action. 


  • A properly structured background screening program helps you comply with regulation and meet requirements of clients and partners.
    • Systematic background screening helps you select the right people in the first place, and then provides documentation that you meet standards and expectations.


  • Background checks are an essential part of the verification process to ensure an applicant or employee fulfills the requirements for the job.
    • An obvious benefit of screening is that it is needed to verify that the applicant has the credentials, education, and job history he or she claims.


  • Companies can reduce the risk of employee theft or fraud by screening for risk factors in an applicant’s background.
    • Employee fraud and theft impose huge costs on organizations. For example, in retail operations, losses to employee theft are usually the single largest source of inventory shrinkage.

Don’t risk striking out, contact us today for three free background checks!