Quick Tips about Your Background Screening Policy

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer: “Hi, I’m with Rapid Speedy Flash Delivery. Do you have any quick tips about background screening policies? I don’t have all day.”

Ann: “Lemme grab two cups of black java and I’ll make those tips extra-quick.”

Everyone wants it now. Or before now. Yesterday would be great. So, let’s lay out some quick tips on background screening policy:

  1. Always follow the FCRA.
    • Be sure your Authorization forms, disclosures and releases are compliant. Rules can vary from state to state and even within jurisdictions in those states. Like San Francisco and New York.
    • Be sure you follow the appropriate pre-adverse and adverse action notice requirements. Some states require specific language outlining why you are considering adverse action, some states have specific forms outlining your applicant’s rights under that state’s Fair Credit Reporting Act.
    • If you want to do-it-yourself and not use a Consumer Reporting Agency to perform your background checks, still act as though the FCRA applied. Soup-to-nuts.
  2. Be fair, don’t discriminate. Run the same searches on everyone within that job classification. For example, perform the same searchers on all your bank tellers, and don’t add extra searches to the one that creeps you out.
  3. Have a written policy, and treat everyone like an individual.

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