Applications v Resumés – what’s the difference and why you should care

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

New HR Director: “I’m new in HR at Unicorn Company. What was your process like with the previous HR Director?”

Ann: “It wasn’t easy, I can tell you that.”

The predecessor at Unicorn Company kind of flew by the seat of her pants. She was delightful to work with but didn’t use an application.
Why does that matter, you ask…

The big reason to use applications is that they require the applicant to give you the information YOU need. Resumés let applicants give you the information THEY want you to have.

I see a huge disconnect.
An application will ask them to give you detailed information on their previous employment history, education and references.
Many resumes leave out things like high school graduation information in favor of things like “Bachelor’s Degree, Natural Therapeutic Institute, Sedona, Arizona.”
Applications can capture information like home phone numbers, cell phone numbers and email addresses all in one handy place.
Applications can ask permission to contact current employer, something you never see on a resume.
All the information you can get from an application will have the blessing of you not having to go back to the applicant to fill in the blanks for their background check. Because they most likely left some crucial details off their resume.

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