Do you have the right background check process for your company?

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Recruiter: “I have concerns about my background check program. How do I know if it’s complete? What if we’re doing too much? I don’t want to waste time, money and other resources.”

Ann: “In the final analysis, only you can decide what your background check program needs to be. But I just happen to have some guidelines here. Let me lay it on you. . .”

Background screening is a very involved process – from determining what you really need to be reviewing for your work environment to keeping up with the latest legislative updates and changes.

There are a lot of unique elements to consider, but here are five best practices to help you with your hiring process:

  1. Standardized policy and uniform processes
  2. Helping candidates understand and prepare for a background check
  3. Mobile technology for the candidates to input and receive information
  4. Screening executives/re-screening employees
  5. Adherence to applicable current regulation (FCRA, EEOC, ban-the-box and pay equity legislation)

Managing the hiring process can be challenging in today’s world of fluctuating work engagement, including employees, volunteers, independent contractors, temporary workers, contingent workers and workers in the new so-called gig-economy. Cutting Edge can help you with all the above. We didn’t get where we are today on good looks alone. We’ve run some (hundreds of thousands, maybe more) background checks, done our homework. Let us help you make the right decisions.