How to Get a Better Workforce in 1 Simple Step

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Prospective Customer: “I’ve noticed a lot of things going missing around the shop.  Plus, tools, and petty cash are missing from the desk.”

Ann (pours coffee): “Mmmhmmmmm.”

Customer: “And then I got some people that come in late, or not at all.”

Ann (drinks coffee from disgracefully stained mug): “Mmmhmmmmm.”

Customer: “Ya got any ideas on how to hire better people?”

Ann (puts mug down): “You know I do.”

Cutting Edge is working on Better WorkForce Litmus Paper®. You put a strip on your applicant’s forehead, and in 30 second it goes from red to green. Red—don’t hire. Green—good to go. Until it’s out of the lab and into the mass market, we recommend a comprehensive background check.

The One Step to a Better Workforce is a thorough, pre-employment background check.

We have a terrific, standard search package that ticks all the boxes (a bold claim, I know). 20+ years in the business has taught me the essentials. And they are:

  • SSN Trace
    • The SSN Trace will tell us where you applicant has lived, so we are sure to check all the appropriate jurisdictions. It will also give us any aliases (think maiden or former names) that could bear searching.
  • Criminal search at the county/state/federal level
    • The criminal searches at the county/state/federal levels are the meat and potatoes. We search and report criminal convictions.
  • Comprehensive nationwide database search
    • The comprehensive nationwide database is a fantastic tool for us, we use it as a pointer to be sure we find records and search any jurisdictions it provides that may not have appeared in the SSN trace.

Will this keep your employees from stealing your tools, your petty cash and keep them from coming in late? It doesn’t take a student of human behavior (although we are all that at some level) to know that past actions may indicate someone’s current behavior.

With this package, you will have a good idea of your applicant’s past actions. And with Cutting Edge, you’ll probably have it in less than 24 hours.