Things Background checks do for you (better sleep, more youthful looking)

[Phone rings]

Ann: “Cutting Edge, this is Ann.”

Customer: “So, November is the month of gratitude. I am grateful—I don’t worry about negligent hiring, I do background checks. . . I can’t think of anything else I need to be grateful—not to rude, but as far as you’re concerned..”

Ann (takes a deep swallow of her hot apple cider): “Au contraire!”

Customer: “Oh boy. You’re make a list, aren’t you?”

Ann: “With bullet points.”

Customer (mutters): “I’m gonna have pie and coffee while I listen to this. . .

A few of my favorite things background checks do for my clients?

Why, here we are!

    1. Reduces chances of negligent hiring lawsuits (see Blog Article for Week 1 of November)
    2. Reduces number of “undesirable” applicants. Hey, for a lot of people, if they know they won’t pass the background check, they’ll go down to the street and apply at the company that won’t screen them so strenuously.
    3. Reduces loss from employees theft, employee fraud, drug and alcohol abuse, absenteeism, workplace violence and litigation.
    4. Reduce high cost of turnover
    5. Improved quality of hire
    6. Improved workplace safety

And that’s not all.

You will sleep better

You will look more youthful

You will have more energy

In this season of giving, give yourself better background checks—for all the reasons above. Call us at (714) 587-9166, and we will have you sleeping better, looking better and put more pep in your step in no time.